Sunday, November 14, 2010

God is good :)

I'm your average person. I have a good job, a family, and we are pretty well off. I work for Verizon. We make a decent profit on each phone and plan we sell, so I have a pretty good paycheck. I'm also a Christian! I love God with all my heart! I was saved out of a life of drugs, and alcohol, and am now living for Christ!

There's a vote coming up in my state on whether to pass homosexual marriages as legal. I'm voting yes. I mean, America is giving me my freedom, why should I stand in the way of other's freedom? It's not hurting me! :) God is so good!

My wife and I only have 3 kids. They were planned pregnancies. Birth control is such a blessing! Thank you God! I wouldn't be able to stand more than that though. I don't know how on earth people deal with 7 and 8 kids!

I love my Bible! :) It's my favorite book in a whole world! It saved me from my sins and gave me the Truth and the Life; Jesus Christ! I love Genesis! It's amazing that God preserved all those animal fossils for us over the six ages He took to create the world. It's so amazing that God can take just one cell, and turn it into a human being over that period of time! Thank so so much God! :)

Let me tell you about my WONDERFUL church! The pastor is going through 1 Peter. Last week he spoke on chapter 1, verse 17. That says

"And if you call on him as Father who judges impartially according to each one's deeds, conduct yourselves with great fear throughout the time of your exile."

He made an excellent point that this is how we are judged. If the most current deed we have done is sin, and we die, we die in our sin. We need to make sure we are holy and upright before Jesus Christ! If we confess Jesus as Lord, and believe in our hearts the He will save us, we will be saved, and have a restored fellowship with Him! :) Such a wonderful truth!

How many of you did I just describe? How many christians in America are exactly like that?

Do we claim to be Christian and live like the world?

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